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Pinpoint Geomatics has sought to find the right team as we have grown over the past few years.  To do this we have assembled a seasoned team of Land Surveyors, Professional Engineers, Geomatics Technicians, AutoCad Technicians and Business Professionals with extensive Geomatics experience.

We believe in a proper work life balance and therefore we have created a team that is based entirely out of their own homes. In doing so we have removed the need to commute for hours a day, allowing our employees to focus on work and then be able to enjoy their personal time as soon as their workday is done. We also feel this helps to reduce our company’s overall carbon footprint.

Pinpoint Geomatics strives to be the best the Alberta surveying industry has to offer. With our team of skilled individuals and their many years of experience, we continue to prove that we are a strong force within the industry.

Please reach out to us so we can show you what we have to offer!

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